This Dog Stands In Attention While Guarding The Bike - Now See What Happens When The Owner Comes Back

See his expression at the 45th second! Amazing!

#5 Dogs Are Awesome

#5 Dogs Are Awesome

It is often said that if you're lucky a dog will come into your life to change it forever! As a dog lover, I can surely say that it's true!

Dogs are really the most beautiful and faithful animals and with their actions, they also express their love to you! This is one such beautiful story capturing the dog's love for his owner!

#4 China's Best Dog

#4 China's Best Dog

It happened on one of the streets of China when a dog was standing in attention position near the bike of his owner!

The people at the road were staring him for obvious reasons, but he stood there!

#3 He stood there for long

#3 He stood there for long

He didn't move from his position even once! People stood there glancing at him, laughing at this site, but it didn't move him!

It occurred to us that he was standing there with some motive! Once his owner arrived at the spot, he did something that made people laugh out loud!

Keep reading to know what happened next!

#2 When The Owner Entered

#2 When The Owner Entered

As soon as the owner entered he did something that is sure to melt your heart! Well, this dog was there to guard his owner's bike against theft!

Surely, he is one of the most faithful dog in China!

Go ahead to watch the entire video of this amazing dog!

#5 Check out the video here

And here he is! With his innocent look, he's winning a million hearts on the Internet!

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