These Reactions Of Cats To Scary Situations will make you crazy.

They have zero fear and it's hard to not love them for it!When they stare down at a bear 10 times their own size before deciding to.....

I often wonder who must have come up with the term ‘scarry cat’? They must have clearly not owned any one of these cats!

Collectively, we love all animals and totally consider cats to be the most badass. Haven't you ever wondered how they jump from amazing heights and escape unscathed? They also have the ability to confront animals MUCH bigger than them.

This display of valour will leave you with a feeling of awe and astonishment.These are real artists with some remarkable escape skills and the need for speed. They even fancy their odds against a bear who is 10 times their size.

Go further to witness the reactions of cats that will leave you astonished!

Absolutely sure this video will make you consider how badass cats can be. New found respect for the fearlessness. Go ahead watch the video and give these brave hearts a standing ovation.

Here's the video! Do let us know how you found them in the comments below!

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