The Obamas Attend A Memorial Service, But Just Keep An Eye On His Feet

You will LAUGH!

#3 The Memorial Service

#3 The Memorial Service

Well, absolutely, THE OBAMAS are wonderful!! They are loved vivaciously across the globe for their charm!

Off late, Dallas held a memorial service in remembrance of the police officers who were killed in the state. Showing their due respect towards the brave-hearts, our dear Obamas paid a visit to the event to give their condolences and speak a few words.

But, something happened during the ceremony which will definitely make you smile! Keep reading!

#2 The Trio

#2 The Trio

George W Bush, the former president also attended the function. He went on stage to deliver a remarkable speech in respect of the police-officers. But when the music started, somehow he couldn't keep himself from THIS!

The Obamas too couldn't control their smiles while being on stage. Watch what the former president did in the video ahead

Well, least did he realized, that this over-excitement could also be taken as a mark of disrespect towards the event!

#1 The Video

As the music began, he simply started swaying to the music and if that wasn't enough, he soon started to literally bounce over the beats of the music for absolutely no reason at all!!

For a moment, even Michelle has to look to other side to control laughing but soon enough, both Michelle and Obama were left laughing by Bush's gestures

Catch the video here

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