The Most Strangest Things To Have Ever Been Discovered By Amateur 'Scientists'

Accidents are the best sort of discoveries!

#13 Ummm...Sir?

When I was in grade 11 Chemistry my friend and I were adding chemicals to a test tube, and apparently it wasn't cleaned properly so a yellow gas started to rise from it.

My friend was holding it while I turned to the teacher and said, "Uhh sir, we didn't get the reaction you said we should."

He basically jumped his counter, screamed "Everyone out!" and grabbed the test tube and threw it under the fume hood.

He came out into the hall, looked at my friend and said, "Congrats Kevin, you made mustard gas."



#12 Why would he do that....?

Not me, but an old friend of mine carried out a bit of an amateur scientific experiment when he was a kid - he discovered that if you put 'water wings' on your ankles and jump into a swimming pool, you go upside down with your feet sticking up out of the water and you have to get rescued.

For science, you know.



#11 Lesson learnt man...

Don't use food coloring to dye your contacts. You won't look cool, and your eyes will hurt.



#10 Wait....what?!

What happens when you microwave sugar? Caramel! I felt like the smartest damn 10 year old on the planet.



#9 Firekickball?

Filling a basketball with gasoline, lighting a rag that is sticking out of it on fire, then trying to kick it around like a soccer ball will only lead to a trail of flames on the ground for 10-15 seconds, followed by the ball completely catching on fire while you and your friends run away on your bikes with the sound of fire trucks in the background and a huge pillar of smoke oddly close to where you were playing firekickball.



#8 Flammable....

I used to get fake nails put on--when I could afford it-- and I knew in the back of my mind that nail polish is flammable, but then I was using a lighter and my fingernail caught on fire. I was so shocked.



#7 Eggs and ovens?

I made hard boiled eggs and tried one after they had cooled. Realized they weren't quite done, still a bit gooey in the middle. So I put one in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, bit into it, and the center exploded into a ball of molten yolk and burned my lips and face.


#6 FIRE!

When I was young I had an electric heating blanket on my bed that I accidentally spilled some dry cocoa puffs on. I went to the kitchen to get stuff to clean up my mess and when I got back my bed was on fire.

Turns out old 1970's electric blankets and highly flammable food don't mix well. Parents didn't let me have another electric blanket. Good memories.



#5 Oh....okay

While camping, any antibacterial hand gel and toilet paper do not mix to create a wet wipe.



#4 Gag

That it is almost impossible to swallow a spoon full of cinnamon b/c it drys out your throat so much. Everyone knows this now like cinnamon just randomly evolved into a choking hazard overnight but I remember hearing about this years ago before going viral and watching a friend gag trying to do it. Good times.



#3 Why would you do that?

Don't put salt on your hand, and hold it down with ice. I don't know why I did it in the first place, but after taking the ice off, the part of my hand with the salt on it was completely white and hard.

I learned later that I froze my skin cells in that area by pushing extremely cold salt into my hand. Left a weird mark for a while.



#2 Explosion

Taking a gallon jug, ball of aluminum foil, and some toilet cleaner with the lid shut will create a fragmentation bomb.

I learned this when I got a piece of bottle stuck into my siding.



#1 Genius

Put gasoline in bucket. Throw firecracker in bucket. Gas did not catch fire. Clearly the next logical thing to do is light the firecracker inside of the bucket with my head right above it.

So yea, it's the vapor that catches fire ...

My friend thought it was hysterical. Cackling maniacally while spraying me with a garden hose.



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