See How This 2 Year Old Girl Talks To Her Grandma And Watch Her Put To Shame Every Adult Who Ever Talked!

This video is absolutely GOLDEN! You need to see this! It's so funny!

#3 Meet Josie!

#3 Meet Josie!

AKA the girl who will make you go "OH MY GOD!"

This girl's vocabulary is there even a word for it? She's so small and sassy that you can't help but laugh at it!

Josie is mad at her grandma in the video! And you will never guess why!

#2 Mimi said a bad word!

#2 Mimi said a bad word!

You know when people say to be careful and watch what you say around kids? This video will most certainly make you give a second thought about it!

Kids are like sponges, they soak up everything you do and say! Good or bad.

But Josie....Josie is a perfect combination of kid cuteness and adult vocabulary with loads of sass!

Watch the video!

#1 Diva In Training!

Josie's dad Eric Palonen uploaded this video of his daughter having a little adult tantrum at her grandmas house.

He titles the video D.I.T- Diva In Training and he couldn't have said it better!

Watch this kid lecture her grandma on why "poop" is a bad word like an adult.

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