Jokes By Stephen Hawking That Still Make Us Laugh

Sometimes, Hawking was funnier than the funniest stand up comedian of that time. This man was a real genius...

For Time Travelers...

That moment when Stephen Hawking went ahead and organized a party for time travelers. The world is yet trying to fathom the entire incident!

With John

With John

I never saw John Oliver getting so savagely trolled in life. This was epic.

In Star Trek

Stephen Hawking's appearance in Star Trek was as amazing as his personality!

Stand Up

Hawking once aced the art of stand up comedy like a pro.

With Jim

With Jim

When these two power houses met, they had a blast together.

In Big Bang Theory

His appearance in Big Bang Theory would go down as one of the best celeb guest appearances on TV.

In Simpsons

A true Hawking fan will never ever forget this episode of Simpsons!

A New Voice

Remember when everyone wanted to be the voice for this genius?


Sometimes you can just sit and listen to this man talking on screen!

Not Cool Hawking

Hawking has appeared on a lot of shows. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad! Bad this time!

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