Heart-Melting Video Shows Baby Following Her Father's Instructions As He Snaps His Fingers

How cute it's to watch...

#5 Struggling Parents

#5 Struggling Parents

Being a parent is the proud moment for anyone, but putting an infant to bed can be a struggling task. But one dad has figured out a secret method that gets his little girl to fall asleep instantly – no matter what the time of day or night is.

#4 A Smart Dad

#4 A Smart Dad

Recently a family snapped a little girl resting on her dad's chest. When her mother posted the video clip on social media it went viral and wins the heart of hundreds of people around the world.

Check out the footage at the end and laugh along with this loving family!

#3 People's reaction to the video clip

#3 People's reaction to the video clip

The video description on Rumble got more than 200,000 views. But when it was published on the YouTube channel called Kyoot Kids, it truly achieved the viral status by earning a whopping 2 million views.

Here are some popular comments from that page:

“adorable baby and attractive loving father. Pleasure to watch,” tissa71 shared.

“oh my god!!! the father is soooo hot!!! can’t take my eyes off him! please tell me he has an identical, unattached twin!” another smitten viewer wrote.

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#2 The dad has it all figured out!!

#2 The dad has it all figured out!!

As you’ll see in the short video clip, a smart dad rests his little girl on his chest and then when she moves about, he lists his hand and snaps. Immediately, baby lowers her head and proceeds to go into nap mode.

Her mom behind the camera recorded the shot well to show how their daughter listens to his father.

With the girl in her polka-dotted sleepwear on his father's chest, dad waits until she lifts her head up and then does his little trick.

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#1 Cute Family Video

I bet you'll be amazed too. Watch the video below.

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