Japanese Women Live Long And Never Get Fat-What Is Their Secret?!

Let's find out!

#5 The thing about Japanese women

#5 The thing about Japanese women

Did you know that for the past 25 years Japanese women have held the record for the longest living on Earth? Believe it or not, the Japanese women's life expectancy is 84 years old.

While the above points are not that well known, all of us do identify women from Japan for their youthfulness and more importantly how they never seem to gain weight. Today, we are going to find out their secret!

#4 Naomi Moriyama

#4 Naomi Moriyama

Naomi Moriyama in her book 'Japanese Women Don't Get Fat or Old' says that the secret lies in the food the Japanese women eat.

She says in the food style of the Japanese lies the secret to good health and long life. But most importantly there are certain foods that help in weight reduction that is consumed everyday as part of the Japanese diet.

The way the food is consumed also plays a major role, she says.

#3 Food

#3 Food

Naomi says certain food products like fish, seaweed, fruits, soy, rice, vegetables and green tea which is an integral part of the Japanese diet also happen to be some of the most healthiest foods that promote overall good health and help in maintaining a slim figure. The concept that the very consumption of these food helps in weight management is mindblowing! These foods also have anti-aging property which help keep a youthful appearance.

That's not it! There's more for you to know! Read on....

#2 The Japanese Way

#2 The Japanese Way

The Japanese diet mostly consists of daily cooked meals. Their traditional diet is made up of grilled fish, bowl of rice, soup, cooked vegetables, fruits and green tea.

Did you now that even though the Japanese make up 2% of the world's population, their fish consumption is 10% of all fish in the world?

Also the method which the Japanese eat their food is also very important.

#1 Eating

Moriyama says that Japanese parents raise their children by telling them to eat their meals very slowly and appreciate the food in every bite. There are certain rules when eating the food like how one must not completely fill their bowl, not take huge servings and all food must be served separately.

Moriyama concludes by saying,"Exercise is part of the daily routine in Japan and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle they built an entire culture of biking, walking and hiking."

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