A Photographer Clicks Sweet Portraits of Kids Surrounded by What They Eat Around The World.

You may or may not be fed up with tired of the endless carousel of Instagram food posts, but the fact remains that photos are great tools for documenting what goes into our bodies. And in the hands of the right artist, photos are especially useful for exploring how what we eat relates to bigger concepts of health, culture, and sustainability. He is a photographer published a book named Daily Bread What Kids Eat Around the World. For this book, he visited over nine countries in the past three years. He got inspired by one of his earlier project named 7 Days Of Garbage. Where he asked people to save garbage for a week and took pictures of them lying in it.

John Hintze, 7, Hamburg, Germany

Cooper Norman, 12 (10 At Time Of Shoot), Altadena, California, USA

Isaiah Dedrick, Long Beach, California

Kawakanih Yawalapiti, 9, Upper Xingu Region Of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Anchal Sahani, 10, Chembur, Mumbai, India

Davi Ribeiro De Jesus, 12, Brasilia, Brazil

Meissa Ndiaye, 11, Dakar, Senegal

Beryl Oh Jynn, 8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ademilson Francisco Dos Santos (11) Vão De Almas, Goiás, Brazil

Sira Cissokho (11 Yrs Old) Dakar

Greta Moeller,7, Hamburg, Germany

Adveeta Venkatesh, 10 Years Old, Mumbai, India

Frank Fadel Agbomenou, 8, Dakar, Senegal

Leona “Nona” Del Grosso Sands, 6, Glendale, Ca

June Grosser, 8, Hamburg, Germany

Yusuf Abdullah Al Muhairi, 9, Mirdif, Dubai, Uae

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