You'll Never Believe How The Bottom Of The Stapler Is Actually Meant To Be Used

Do you know?

People who are extremely fond of stationery items, get ready to get your mind blown for you might have never wondered about this thing! Have you ever paid any heed to the bottom of the stapler while using it? So, how many times have it puzzled you?

We have been using the stapler for all our lives now and still, we've been missing out on one of its important use! The reason? Ignorance! Yes, we ignore most of the things and label the minute details that have been incorporated into the making as "design of the product".

But well, it is not so! Everything that is present, even the minutest detail serves a purpose that you've been missing out all your life! Yes, there's an 88% chance that you've been using the stapler wrong all your life!

You can still amend that mistake, just keep reading to know the worth of the "design" of the bottom of stapler

Can you see this silver panel at the bottom of the stapler? Well, it turns out that this thing can be rotated to give you small or large staples depending on what you’re stapling. Isn't it just amazing? But if you're still confused? Just head on over to the next page to see how it’s done in real time.

Here's how you do it in real life!

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