When She Began The Hall Fell Silent With Delight, What This Woman Does Is Real Magic

It is indeed magical!

Roxana Kuwen is the circus artist who performs breathtaking moves at the circus. In an interview, she said, that while she was growing up, though she was keen in history and politics, she did not feel like pursuing them, she never wanted to study anything that is normal.

That's when she decided to enrol herself at the circus school, still unsure of how it would turn out for her.

But soon she realised that she absolutely love performing at circus all day long.

Though it is really tiring and at times, but she never gives up on performing. The way she controls the juggling balls with her hands and toes is breathtaking

Keep reading to know what are her future dreams and do watch the awesome video at the end. It is really AMAZING!

Besides this, Kuwen wants to earn profit through training in different places in the Netherlands, France and Germany. She also wants to concentrate on her personal research about the political circus and develop these acts further

She wants to get better n better each passing day. Go ahead n check her spectacular performance in the video.

Here's the complete video. It's breathtaking in every sense

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