WATCH: Woman Throws A Fit Over Man Using Food Stamps

'You're not providing for [your family], I am.'

#3 The Fight

#3 The Fight

We have seen friends fighting over last bite of the pizza, people fighting over a morsel of grain but this fight for food is very different. It has shades of different political ideologies clashing with each other and the frustration of people over government policies that benefits a selected few while plunders the pocket of others.

The whole episode started in Walmart! It literally looked like two knowledgeable people fighting!

#2 Food Stamps

#2 Food Stamps

With the United States charged up for the upcoming presidential elections, it seems that the battle is not going on in just political meeting and rallies but also in grocery stores. In the video ahead, we see a man and a woman at Walmart fighting over paying for grocery bill with food stamps.

Food stamps have been at the centre of controversy in the United States for much long and this video presents two different views on it. The innocent children accompanying the man and women seems clueless about the whole ruckus and are enjoying the spectacle!

Check out the video ahead!

#1 The Conversation

'You know, I put in 50-60 hour weeks... trying to provide for my family', the man said

'You’re not providing for it, I am,' the woman snapped back instantly. 'The government is.'

Check out the entire conversation in the video!

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