WATCH: If You Find A Quarter On Top Of A Grave Stone, THIS Is What It Means

Have you ever thought what a quarter or any kind of coin on a soldier's grave signifies? This is what it means...

#4 The Coins And Quarters

#4 The Coins And Quarters

A soldier is his country's pride. He sacrifices his life for the good of his country. But have you ever thought why we have a quarter or a coin kept on their grave?

The coins symbolises something. It is usually placed there as a sign of respect for the fallen, yet there is even more significance when it comes to a quarter.

Checkout the significance ahead.

#3 Dave Malenfant

#3 Dave Malenfant

The question that you have in your head right now is something that even crossed Malenfant's head. He couldn't understand the logic behind the coins and quarters on the grave.

He was cleaning stones at the National Cemetery and there, he kept coming across coins on headstones. And therefore, he inquired further and finally got a very interesting answer.

Keep reading ahead to see the answer...

#2 The Reason

#2 The Reason

So while inspecting, Dave found out that every coin stands for something. He found out that "Leaving a penny means you visited. A nickel means that you and the deceased soldier trained at boot camp together. If you served with the soldier, you leave a dime."

The most important thing is a quarter. It is of a highest significance. Checkout the real significance of a quarter ahead...

#1 Importance Of A Quarter

So a quarter is really important as it means that you were there when that soldier died. Checkout the video below to see the importance of these coins and share this information with the people you know as this holds a great emotional importance.

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