Vicious Thugs Start Stabbing A Little Girl. Now Keep Your Eye On The Cow

Animals might not be able to speak our language, but they know exactly what's going on and can sense when something is wrong, which is why this cow intervened when two thugs approached a little girl

#3 The Incident

#3 The Incident

Animals are indeed human's best friend, not only then understand what is happening around, but also, they are quick to analyze the whole situation and respond it to quickly!

This is one such story from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. By running off from home to marry a 22-yr old man, Seema Gujjar triggered anger among her family members. Her uncle and father finally traced her whereabouts to pin her down!

#2 Cow Intervenes

#2 Cow Intervenes

Seema took shelter in a women's shelter home to stay safe, but unfortunately was caught by them. Both these men tried to punish her by planning to stab her.

However, a distant cow witnessed the defenseless girl who was being attacked by these two men. So, the cow heroically pounced upon the men to intervene and saved the girl!

The camera captured the whole incident. Check out the video in the next section to witness how this cow saved the girl!

#1 The Video

Watch this video to witness this incredible act by this hero cow who intervened in an act of honor killing to save the girl from being a prey to her family members

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