VIDEO: Zookeepers Were In Shock After A Crocodile Did This To His Friend During Lunchtime!

In scenes of an aggravating nature, A crocodile has ripped off and eaten another crocodile's leg amid bolstering time at a zoo.

#3 Lunchtime War?

#3 Lunchtime War?

How bad can your lunch time go, what’s the worst that can happen to you? May be you won’t have anything to eat or you have a food fight but what will be your reaction if someone tears your leg so as to have some extra food for itself.

#2 Gruesome!

#2 Gruesome!

Yes this incident took place at a zoo in Australia when the zoo keeper was feeding fishes to crocodile and suddenly a crocodile ripped the leg of his mate so that he does not get his catch. The zookeeper couldnt do anything and was a mere spectator.

And this gruesome act was witnessed by children and other visitors too who came to see crocodiles being fed. Why the crocodile reacted in this way or what happened to the crocodile later is not known but it certainly made me lose my appetite !

Check the video ahead

#1 The Video

Is it only humans that fights with each other for food or is ready to kill each other to get an extra morsel for them? Think again, it seems we share this trait with some other living creatures!

# Watch at your own will!

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