VIDEO: The Woman Dies In Hospital. The Surveillance Camera Films The Spirit Leaving The Body!

Tell me do you believe in souls?

#3 Tell me do you believe in souls?

#3 Tell me do you believe in souls?

Or spirituality?

This also happens to be one of the many topics that's constantly debated upon as well.

Most people say that we are just the way we are. There's nothing more to it. We are here now and death is just the ending. Nothing beyond that.

But a look at this, will leave you questioning if that's really true...

#2 A world unknown.

#2 A world unknown.

Most people would rather not believe in the whole concept of rebirth and souls. Because that would imply an entire world that exists unknown to us.

But most evidences from the past indicate a world that is beyond death.

And this video stands as evidence to just that. Take a look in the next section.

#1 Watch the video and a few seconds in...

You will see something that will boggle your mind.

The video starts with the image of a woman's dead body. But you can say she really wasn't dead until that one particular moment.

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