VIDEO: Great Pilots Landing In Extremely Bad Weather, Under Stormy And Windy Conditions.

And you thought being a pilot was easy..

#3 Being a pilot..

#3 Being a pilot..

...isn't just everything they make it to be.

When we think of pilots, we think strapping men in white shirts and black trousers with that self assuring smile, a smile that promises you can trust him with your being for the duration of your flight.

Needlessly to say,they have their work cut out for them.

Obviously they do! They have to constantly fight against every force of nature- rocky weather, birds, ground and stuff!

#2 Skills!

#2 Skills!

Being a pilot is a skill not everyone can master!

A pilot is supposed to be always preparing for the worst. You never know what can hit you from where.

If you disagree, click on the next page and watch the video. Tell me if you could do that!

#1 24 Small Airplane Landings that will make your heart race!

The video shows how exactly close the pilots fly towards disasters but yet manage to pull it off magnificently!

And planes that size are no easier task either...Especially if you are in it.

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