Try Searching The Hidden Letter In Less Than 7 Seconds...

If you successfully spot the hidden letter in less than 7 seconds, you are a genius.

#2 Mind Blowing

#2 Mind Blowing

Some puzzles just blow your mind off. They refresh your brain and conditions it in the required manner. We have one such new puzzle for you. But I want you to consider this more as a game than a puzzle.

It certainly makes things way more fun when you start taking this as a game. We are going to show you a simple picture. All you have to do is, find 'C' in that picture.

Checkout the picture ahead.

#1 The Puzzle

#1 The Puzzle

Checkout this image. You only have 7 seconds. The premise is simple enough: There are a whole lot of "O's" in the picture and just one single "C" and if you can find that "C" in less than seven seconds, you have a very healthy and sharp brain.

Did you see it in less than 7 seconds? Was it easy? In case you didn't, check out the fourth row from the bottom.

Tell us how long it took you to spot the 'C' in the comments section below.

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