This man carried the wife he cheated on over their threshold. Then he noticed something changing

Til death do you part...

#3 Grab some tissues!

#3 Grab some tissues!

Marriage is a beautiful relation, a promise of lifetime and people go to great extent to keep it going. This couple is no different and they cherished a loving relationship for 10 long years and even had a young son.

But things began to change suddenly when the husband came up to his wife and asked for divorce. The wife after some hysterical sobbing agreed to it but on a condition :

1. That he will act like everything is normal for a month as their son's exam was coming in a month and she didn't wanted to hamper his focus.

2. That just as he had carried her in his arms during their initials days of wedding he will carry her in his arms for the next one month.

#2 Romantic Parents

#2  Romantic Parents

Initially, they did this ritual without any feeling but this made their son happy to see his romantic parents, as days passed by the ritual reignited the feelings and intimacy for each other and on the final day when the husband went to lift his wife in his arms, he had already scrapped his plan of divorce and as he entered the room with a bouquet for his wife he lifted his wife for one final time!

But what he found will break your heart! Read ahead!

#1 Shocking Revelation

#1 Shocking Revelation

He realised too late that his wife had been suffering from cancer and breathed her last the final morning. She made sure that despite going through the turmoil of divorce she didn't wanted to spoil his son's relation with father and ensured that his father continues as being the most romantic and loyal father.

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