This New WhatsApp Feature Is All Set To Save Millions Of Relationship

WhatsApp is killing it!

Whenever WhatsApp adds something new to their chat, it is sure to cause a storm on social media. The recent update was not much liked by the users when WhatsApp scrapped its text status and added the view media based Status update.

Listening to the user's valued feedback, WhatsApp rolled back in their most loved feature that of text status message.

Next, do you remember how when WhatsApp scrapped off its "Last Seen" option and brought the blue tick option, how social media roared to it as it no longer allowed anyone to officially ignore someone's message without letting them know!

Well, they have made it optional and it can be changed going to the privacy settings. But recently WhatsApp has updated the app and added one more feature

This time, as the social media claims, it will strengthen the bond between friends. How? Well, keep reading to know about the update!

WhatsApp has recently rolled out the Pin Chat feature. With this, the user can pin the chat they want to see on top of their chat screen. The pin chat feature will basically help in quick access to their most loved conversations.

So, that means you won't miss any text message from your favourite person any longer!

The new update is available on the WhatsApp Android Version 2.17.162 and above. The user can easily pin up to three contacts at one time. Even when you want to unpin the chat, it's also easy. Long press the pin option to unpin the chat. The user can pin and unpin any chat for countless time with ease. So isn't it one great feature for all of us!

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