This Is The Reason Why You Should Never Reboil Your Water Ever Again!

I had no idea...I'm so glad I learned THIS

#2 Water the giver of life??

#2 Water the giver of life??

Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do - they all contain truths. In Hindu religion water is considered to be the complete truth. Water has always had significant importance in the evolution of mankind. Water is the soul of life and we wouldn't be alive without it.

We need water to survive. We cannot sustain life on this planet without water. Due to pollution the water gets polluted and it is causing diseases. As a preventive measure we have been boiling water as a rudimentary technique. And according to what we have known over the years it is not a harmful process. But re-boiling the same water?? Nobody said anything about that being safe or otherwise. Read on to find out whether it is safe or not.

#1 I Will Never Re-boil Water After This...

What's the harm right? It's already been boiled once, seems there shouldn't be an issue with reboiling. As it turns out the exact opposite is true. It's actually a serious health hazard to reboil. When you boil water, you change the chemical makeup of it. And this is good, as you get rid of germs. But, when reboiling occurs, the chemically changed dissolved gasses and minerals actually now become toxic!

Reboiling can cause even the good minerals like calcium salts to turn harmful. Kidney stones and gallstones can develop. Nitrates will turn into nitrosamines when you reboil and arsenic becomes more profound in reboiled water, turning them carcinogenic leading to cancer and heart disease. Children may suffer from developmental disorders and neurological problems. So please do not reboil water and stay safe.

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