This Is What The Extra Shoelace Hole Is For!

After all these years of tying a shoe, it's funny how we never knew about the extra holes... and it's actually usefull

Get In Shape!

Get In Shape!

Staying in shape is important in today's world. Exercise and eat right is the motto we all want to adopt. And yet we always find ourselves lacking. Unable to get up on time to exercise, can't follow diet because of lunch with friends. We are always looking for excuses to cheat on our own commitments.

Today we give you a way to avoid one such excuse and make your exercise routine that much easier. After watching this video you will be able to tie your shoelaces in such a way that you cannot accidentally hurt yourself. Loose shoes lead to many problems such as shoe blisters, open laces, uneven balance, and can sometimes even lead to hip pain.

Say goodbye to all those problems. Watch this video now.

The video

After all these years of tying shoes every day it's funny how we never noticed the two extra holes at the top of the shoe. And that is the secret behind the heel lock lace. It utilizes the two extra holes to create a lock that keeps the shoe from slipping off. So what are you waiting for? Put on those running shoes and go for that run you have been putting off! Don't forget to comment and share your experience.

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