This Is What Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs

Quite a lot of details, huh!

#5 Facebook Is Awesome

#5 Facebook Is Awesome

Indeed it is! It knows exactly what you're uploading, be it a misquoted statement of Shakespeare or your own photo with the dog! It will exactly tell what it is in the tools! Wanna know how? See through the post!

#4 They Do It For Blind Users

#4 They Do It For Blind Users

Though they do it to make it accessible to the blind users, which obviously is pretty awesome, but some people believe that it invades the privacy!

Whatever they say, it is just pure awesome! You can check it also!

#3 Follow These Steps

#3 Follow These Steps

Just follow these steps to view the Facebook's description of your photos!

1. Go to any picture on the Facebook and open it. Now, click the thumbnail to enlarge it.

2. Right-click on the image and click on “Inspect” (shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I) to open the Chrome Developer Tools.

3. You can see the alt attribute of the image tag along with the description of the picture as inferred by Facebook.

#2 Another Option

#2 Another Option

However, if you are unable to see the tag in the developer tool, you’ll need to expand the parent

tag to track the information!

There's one other simple way to keep a check on this way! Go ahead n check the video to know more about it!

#1 A Video Tutorial

Image tags can actually decipher a lot of information! You can also skip hunting the developer tools and instead shows the alt tags straight away by a Chrome extension developed by a Github user! Let's take you through a video tutorial to explain this!

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