This Is How They Solved Their Garbage Problem In Switzerland - And It's Fantastic!

If you make a mess, sooner or later you're cleaning it up. Or you'll pay for it - literally.

#4 A Little About Switzerland

#4 A Little About Switzerland

There's very little chances you haven't heard about Switzerland. It's an incredibly beautiful country and a must have in your Europe tour package. It's got a plethora of green hills and rivers.

Apart from being beautiful, Switzerland is also extremely clean. As you can see in this picture, the streets are spick and span. Trashcans in this country never go unfed. It's not just that, the people here have a sense of responsibility for their own acts and that's why they do not litter. This is a rsult of impeccable waste management on part of the authorities.

But it wasn't always so perfect for the Swiss.

#3 The Crisis

#3 The Crisis

1980s Switzerland found itself neck deep an ecological disaster. Their lakes and rivers were all contaminated with phosphates and nitrates, the earth was subjected to a lot of heavy metal exposure and to top it all off, the Swiss population was producing tons of waste by the hour. Something had to be done and that too fast.

The most effective way to combating the problem seemed to be waste segregation. It was implemented as a countrwide program. New norms were established and no exceptions were made - garbage was everyone's problem. Now if the Swiss citizen had to dispose a tea bag, the label went to the trashcan marked cardboard, the bag went to paper, the tea to the compost pit and the metal staple to the scrap metal dustbin. It sounds unreal but it isn't.

The result it produced was absolutely jaw dropping... Read ahead to see the result.

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