This Guy Was Fishing In The Amazon When He Came Across This Monster

Have you ever had a fantasy that has made you wake up in a cool sweat?

#3 Fishing

#3 Fishing

Fishing is a sport only for the patient. Have you ever been out on a fishing trip with your dad or grand dad? It can be such a peaceful release from the hassles of life.

You sitting in the boat, in the middle of a calm quiet lake with the bait set. You wait for the perfect opportunity to come along. Until then the silence belongs to you and you belong to the silence.

But sometimes, things don't go as planned at all! This fish will blow your mind!

#2 Is It Real?

#2 Is It Real?

What happens when the fish becomes a little too big for you to pull up? Or so strong that it may actually pull you down?

Check this picture out! Yes, that fish is real. He was out fishing at the Amazon and he totally didn't see this coming! Look at the size of that thing! It's almost as tall as a 12 year old kid! It's called the arapaima and it's one of the biggest, if not the only, freshwater fish on the planet!

Do you think catching it will be easy? Keep reading to watch the video and find out!

#1 You Won't Believe Your Eyes

The video begins on a slow note but we guarantee it will take you on a very satisfying adventure. What's so satisfying you ask? Well you'll have to watch it to find out. Go ahead!

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