They ask her 'How does Mama walk?' Now watch what this toddler does next - LOL!

Teri O'Neil is pregnant and already has one spunky 15-month-old.

#3 Like mother Like Daughter

#3 Like mother Like Daughter

We take pride in saying like father like son or that the daughter is just the carbon copy of her parents.Children are considered to be the lifeline of their parents but sometimes they can be a great source of embarrassment. Children are innocence personified but sometimes their innocence can make parents blush in embarrassment.

#2 How does Mama Walk!?

#2 How does Mama Walk!?

Teri O'Neil who is six months pregnant , had a small get together at her home and when all the things were going fine, a guest asked her 15 month old daughter a simple question "How does Mama walk?" and then what followed was what Teri never expected.

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#1 LOL!

Teri's little daughter imitated her pregnant mother in the most hilarious way and what followed was a riot of laughter for the guest and great embarrassment for Teri. Her toddler in her innocence enacted her mother's style of walking and she looks every bit adorable in it.

I cannot stop laughing seeing her!! And all the mothers reading this please train your kids not to do so in your next party or the guests can't help rolling on the floor laughing.

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