These Kids Hid From Their Puppy Under The Pool, But They Didn't Expect This! You Wont Stop LAUGHING!

Bet you won't be able to control the laugh.

Dogs certainly try their best to amuse their human fellas with their unexpected behaviour. That's what make the two best of friends. It is really true! You can not expect the reaction from your dog without seeing it!

The same happened when these kids decided to play a prank on their lovely dog. It was a bright sunny day and so they decided to have a little fun with their cute dog! They wanted to play hide and seek with the dog, so they thought of a good hiding place

In order to play hide n seek with the dog, they hid under the pool. They dog began searching for them and when he, at last, found these kids by their scent, what he did will completely crack you up!

Read on to know what the innocent dog did and don't miss out on the hilarious video at the end.

Well, the dog ran with the pool on his head around the ground excitedly after his favourite humans under it! It is, without a doubt, the best part of the video

You cannot afford to miss out on the video. It will surely crack you up completely. Go ahead and watch out the video!

Here're the kids and the dog having fun on their picnic day!

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