There's Actually A Right Way To Fold Socks...And This Is How You Do It!

I've been doing this so wrong.

#4 Meet My Sock Drawer

#4 Meet My Sock Drawer

It's a mess, as you can see in the picture. And why wouldn't it be? I've tried everything.

I've tried folding them, tying them, rolling them up in balls and nothing seems to work. Some strange pixie goes into my drawer at night and messes them all up.

Guess what this did to me every morning...

#3 Me In The Mornings

#3 Me In The Mornings

I'm not a very punctual person. And I absolutely hate waking up. So I keep snoozing my alarm to the point that I might just have set a later alarm and that results in me being late to work... more than just a few times.

In a such a situation, finding the right pair of socks has me looking something like this.

But that was me until I stumbled onto this amazing video that shows you how to fold socks the right way! Keep reading to find out!

#2 Meet The New Me

#2 Meet The New Me

And now, although I wake up late, the socks are never bogging me down. I go to my drawer and bam! They're magically arranged!

Contrary to what you expect, it's not a lot of effort too! Folding one pair takes not more than 10 seconds, and 5 after you get used to it!

So go on! Watch the video and make your life easier with this cool trick!

#1 The Video

Here it is! After knowing this I feel like a much more organized person. I hope you do too! Don't forget to share this with your friends, because socks annoy everyone.

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