There's A Mistake In This Image. Can You Find It In Less Than 5 Seconds?

There's A Mistake In This Image. Can You Find It In Less Than 5 Seconds?

It's no secret that we love brain teasers here at Wimp. It's a fun way to exercise your mind and get yourself thinking in new ways.

Test Your Brain

Test Your Brain

Most of us only use one part of our brain all day, so when you get a chance to stretch the logic and creative side of yourself, you should take advantage. Riddles and problem-solving tests aren't just for fun, many government agencies and companies use them to narrow down applicants.

Today's brain teaser is a test of your vision and reasoning. You are given some text and an image and it is your job to discover the one thing that is incorrect. Trust us when we say it's more difficult than it looks. Are you up for the challenge?

There is one problem with the image below. Can you find the mistake?
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