The Way You Swipe Your Phone Says A Lot About Your Personality

Mobile phones are one of the most widely utilized gadgets in the world. And with the debut of its touchscreen version, the popularity of the device boomed to another level. The populace seems to get cozier with the gadget every passing day. Being a part of the X-generation, you have as well lost yourself!

#5 Swiping Up

#5 Swiping Up

Cell phones are no longer a utility product but they have become a status symbol. The kind of phone you use speaks about your riches and your choice. These days cell phones have become an important add on to your personality. But do you know the way you swipe your phone also tells a lot about your personality.

If you swipe your phone upward then it means you are a person with charismatic and affectionate personality you can win over people easily with the charm of your personality but at the same time that you are prone to mood swings.

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