The Secret of The Stapler Bottom!

Did you know how this was meant to be used?

#3 Gotta Love Stationery

#3 Gotta Love Stationery

There are people who take their stationery with a pinch of salt and then there's people who take it really seriously. Either way, there is one secret that the stapler has been keeping from you.

Have you noticed the bottom of it? It's shaped in a very specific manner. And for good reason - it's meant to fulfill a very specific purpose. And I can bet a hundred bucks YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS.

After you watch this video, you will seriously admire stapler manufacturers for being so thoughtful.

#2 My Reaction

#2 My Reaction

Before I knew about this, I used to be a regular stapler user. Stapling my papers away, not giving a second thought to it.

After watching this video though, here's what I looked like. Yep, my mind was indeed blown. Do you want to know this secret? I say it's been kept under rugs for too long.

Keep reading to watch the video.

#1 Watch It

Here it is, it's all yours. The secret is in the video. Watch it and keep it to yourself. Or maybe share it with your friends? It's up to you.

Just kidding, share away my friend! Everyone needs to know this!

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