The Secret Of The C and CE Buttons

The inventors of calculator have placed both of them for different reasons in such close proximity but we have probably never cared at all!

#3 They've Always Been There

#3 They've Always Been There

If you are alive and reading this right now, chances are, you have used a calculator before. It's one of those inventions that marked the beginning of the technological revolution and has not been abandoned yet - and probably never will be.

Curiosity is what makes us human. If you notice carefully, the calculator has two buttons to clear the screen - one marked C and the other CE. You've pressed them both and they both do the same thing is what you thought!

But you were wrong. Very wrong...

#2 But What Do They REALLY Do?

#2 But What Do They REALLY Do?

Whenever we're in a hurry or we need to get the result soon, we frantically press either one of those, or at times both even! What difference did it make right? It cleared the screen - and that's what you wanted. But veteran users will tell you the calculator is capable of a LOT more than that.

Before we tell you the secret of the CE and C buttons, here's an interesting fact: These buttons have been there since the very first calculators came out in 1961 with Anita MK VII and Anita MK VIII. And they are present on digital screens and mobile apps too!

They must really be important, yeah? Keep reading to find out!

#1 The Secret Is Yours

#1 The Secret Is Yours

Well, it's not a secret really, it's just a basic lapse in common knowledge. Imagine yourself adding a long string of numbers - say, you're billing for 50 items. What if you're at the 35th item and you enter the price in wrong?

Pressing the CE button will only clear the last entered value but C will lcelar the entire string! Handy huh?

The inventors of the calculator were really clever people!

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