A Cheating Wife Asks For Forgiveness After Cheating And Having An Affair

The wife is cheating on his man and she is not only cheating on him by having an affair but also got pregnant and now she is asking for advice and she feels how wrong she did by getting tempted and not using protection

Few Relationships Fail The Loyality Test

Every relationship goes through many ups and downs in their relationship and but only a few relationships pass the loyalty test which the time makes them go through. This is the story of a woman who failed the loyalty and patience test in the relationship.

The Woman's Story

The Woman's Story

She was married to her long-time boyfriend, they always had issues that he never gave her proper time and but they thought that love that they have between them is enough for them to get married and they got married.

After they got married her husband was always bus with hs work, he was so bus that they could not even go for the honeymoon and she kept asking him for taking some time out and going on dates with her or going her holidayswith her but he always disaapointed her with the negative answer.

She kept asking and one day her husband told her to stop being so needy and desparate and keep patience bit she could not hold it and she decided go out by herself and she met soemone over there and decided to get close to that guy.

The guy was in long distance relationship and there were many similarities between them and so they became close quite soon and one fine day they lost their control and gave in the temptations without protection and as they both ere not in love with each other a nd they were just two lonely people and so decide dto part tehir ways after that episode.

But soon she found out that she was pregnant and she was all confused and scared that what she was supposed to do, she would seduce her husband and tell him that it was his child or tell truth to her husband as well as that guy with whom she lost her control.

What would you suggest her to do?

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