Take This Breakfast For One Month And You'll Burn Your Belly fat

Check out the recipe of this amazing breakfast that'll help you to reduce your belly fat within a month

#3 Belly Problems

#3 Belly Problems

Lets be really modest, we, the ones who have bellies, suffer a lot. Somewhere down the line, we all want to get rid of it. And the ones who don't really have any belly fat pray the god to never have it.

This healthy breakfast recipe will help you lose belly fat fast. It is very healthy and beneficial for your hair and skin as well. The condition of your metabolism and body will improve after a daily consumption of this healthy breakfast. This is a well experimented breakfast.

#2 Benefits Of This Breakfast

#2 Benefits Of This Breakfast

Before we tell you the actual recipe, let us tell you the benefits of this breakfast. Constipation, lazy bowels and similar issues will disappear for sure, since this breakfast recipe detoxifies your bowels. Now how cool is that, han?

You will lose belly fat and 10 pounds after consuming this breakfast for an entire month. Now isn't it something that you always wished for? So go and check the recipe and the exact diet details of the wonderful breakfast on the next page.

#1 Recipe And Preparation

#1 Recipe And Preparation

So start noting down the exact magical recipe to burn your belly fat.

-Needed ingredients:

- 2 Tbsp. oatmeal
- 1 tsp. cocoa powder
- 1 tsp. flaxseed (ground)
- 5-7 prunes
- 250 ml kefir or low-fat yogurt


- This recipe should be prepared the night before consumption
- Pour 100 ml boiling water over the prunes. Cover them and leave them for 10 minutes.
- Mix and stir the flaxseed, oatmeal, cocoa powder and kefir.
- After they soak enough, blend the prunes, add the prune puree in the mixture and mix everything.
- Put the breakfast in the fridge and leave it there through the entire night.
- Enjoy the delicious breakfast the following morning.

You will feel the benefits of this simple and tasty breakfast very soon. Share them with us by commenting here below. Hope you feel and see the change in your belly.

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