Syrian Rebels Line Captured ISIS Fighters Up For Mass Execution In Video

An intense video was just released out of the country of Syria that shows 10 captured ISIS fighters lined up for a mass execution.The video was released just days ago and is making waves across the world's media outlets.

#3 What It Says

#3 What It Says

This video released recently has been making the rounds on media channels. The video by the Levant Front purposely mimics the styling of Islamic State propaganda videos with professional level edited graphics, creative directing, and power cinematography.

Four captured ISIS fighters are interviewed at the beginning of the video. Their ages range from 16 to 27. They are all dressed up in bright orange jumpsuits and have had their heads shaved while in captivity. The interviews carry on for about 4 minutes and are merely introductions of the captives and their beliefs. But it gets serious immediately after that.

#2 What Happens

#2 What Happens

The ten prisoners are led out in chains. Each guard picks up a pistol in a ceremonious fashion as they pass by. The 10 ISIS fighters are then lined up and forced to their knees. The pistols are leveled. They Take aim. One shot to the back of the head and it would all be over. The screen goes black.

Then a graphic appears out of the center of the screen saying "Muslims are not criminals." Instead of pulling the triggers of the pistols trained on the skulls of the ISIS fighters the guards holster them and their ski masks are removed. The military men turn heel and walk away leaving the Islamic State prisoners on their knees. The image shifts to a Muslim cleric dressed in white robes. The man asks them waht they think the true meaning of Islam is.

#1 A Message To Deliver

The man is Sheikh Mohammed Khatib President of the Sharia office of al-Shamiya. And he has something to say. A message to send. "This is not our policy." He started. "We are not evil. To the champions of our revolution and the hope of our people, justice will guide us, Islam needs us. We have allowed you a way out, we do not seek any fame. If you desire to execute us, here are our swords, such executions will only consolidate our faith. Kindness is the premise of our lives" he said in a thunderous voice.

Instead of being executed in the same way ISIS has terminated the lives of countless individuals the Levant Front has incarcerated the fighters and will continue to teach them the real meaning of the Muslim belief system. The mercy shown by the Sheikh shows the true nature of Islam and is a direct slap in the face of the Islamic State who prefers to execute and torture anyone that doesn't share their beliefs or point of views. Share this video to help the whole world realize that.

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