She Puts A Bar Of Soap Under Her Sheet. The Reason Why Is Genius

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Often, we are unable to realise the slight changes that our body makes. But it is really important to trace even the minutest change in our bodies as they can be indications of something more dangerous!

A lady, while sleeping faced some issues with her legs. She felt excessive pain in her legs which made her really restless in the night. She kept ignoring the indications. But when the problem worsened, she thought of consulting the doctor.

Since the doctor's appointment was delayed, she thought of trying this weird trick to ease out her pain!

So, she started putting a bar of soap under her bed sheet. Read on to know why she did so!

Yes, that was to cure leg syndrome. It's indeed weird but, around 40% of the people who suffer from this issue use this soap trick to deal with the problem. How does it work?

Magnesium deficiency is a leading cause of both restless leg syndrome and leg cramps. Doctors are unsure of its causes, but some say that the magnesium in the soap stops the problem. For this to work, make sure its natural with an essential oil-based scent. Lavender soap helps to relax the muscles with its natural scent.

Restless leg syndrome and leg cramps are conditions that happen at night when one is trying to sleep. They are said to be very painful and uncomfortable to deal with and resting is hard to do.

It is a neurological disorder that creates uncomfortable feelings in the legs while a sleeping. The actual cause of restless leg syndrome is unknown, though there are some reasons that are kidney failure, diabetes, pregnancy, alcohol consumption and use of medications.

People also face night leg cramps as they are falling asleep. Leg cramps are usually caused due to Aggressive exercising, vitamin deficiency or dehydration. But unlike restless leg syndrome, the discomfort does not go away by moving the leg but it will gradually increase the pain. There are many things one can do to tackle restless leg syndrome and leg cramps. Take massages or have a warm shower. Drinking water and eating well are also an integral part. However, there is one easy solution to this.

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