She Listened As Parents Made Fun Of Her Son At The Sidelines. Her Response? Fantastic

They laughed at her

#3 Overheard the remarks

#3 Overheard the remarks

The lady answered the couple, taunting her son over his weight, in the most epic way ever! At least pro rugby player Liam Messam thinks so!

A lady overheard another parent make fun of her son cause of his appearance and weight and writes an open letter answering the couple and it is amazing.

#2 A Letter from Mom!

#2 A Letter from Mom!

She writes, "Dear parents on the side line, of course you did not see me hearing your remarks when you merrily went on commenting on my son's physical appearance and laughed on him but being a mother I could not refrain from answering."

"Yes, he looks different but that does not reward you the right to make fun of him and judge his capabilities or anyone's capabilities for that matter.You might not realize but he was out there on field with your son supporting his team, their team, putting in his best"

"The boy who never thought of being a part of rugby team a month ago was doing a fabulous job out there. And I tell him the same every week after his practice."

What she says next will amaze you! Keep reading to find out!



"Dear parents take some time to check your comments and support the kids; all of them. I support them."

"Number 8, Eljae, your son and all of them. Am happy he did not hear you because he does not need that negativity and nor does anyone else."

The letter went viral in no time and was shared by more than 10,000 people including pro rugby player Liam Messam, New Zealand's All Blacks team. That is sure to take Number 8 on cloud nine.

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