See What Can Be Bought With The Child Support Money. Take A look...

This is the best possible decision ever made. Take a look...

#3 Child Support

#3 Child Support

Child support system or child maintenance is completely allotted to a parent for the well being of their child. All the the child related expenses like school, food etc are taken care of.

But lately, there are numerous cases that highlight the misuse of the child support money in a very bad way.

#2 The Misuse

#2 The Misuse

Right from using the money to fulfill your partying ways to pay for your beauty, numerous funny uses of child support money had emerged in the past.

To prevent this, the state of Delaware developed the concept of Child support card. It clearly mentions what can and cannot be done with this money.

Keep reading ahead to see the things that can be done and cannot done with this money!

#1 The Uses

#1 The Uses

Tasha Brown was one of the first persons affected by this change. She was unable to buy a bottle of Hennessy from a local liquor store. She believes that money belongs to her and she should decide what she will buy with that money.

So according to this card, a parent cannot purchase anything that cannot be directly used by their child. Alcohol, cigarettes etc to name a few. You can use the money for your child's education, clothing need etc.

If the program is successful in the states of Delaware, the government might apply it nationwide thus controlling its usage. This is such a healthy development by the government.

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