REVEALED: What That Little Loop At The Back Of Your Shirt Is Really For

It's not useless after-all!

#3 The Loop In The Shirt

#3 The Loop In The Shirt

The world of fashion is a very confusing world. The necessity and need are often a far cry from what we get. And we consider many things as useless adornments. And most of the time they are. Except this time. Remember the tiny loops on the back of the men's shirts? Do you know what it is?

We'll tell you in a short while!

#2 Finally solved

#2 Finally solved

Well, the tiny loop was invented way back in the times when there didn't exist wardrobes. The tiny loops help in maintaining the shirt's form by serving as a means to hang up shirts in the hallways. This would help in maintain the shirt's wrinkle free.

Yeah, we know you have the ironing facility available now! Have a look at some of the best iron tips in the next section. They're really life hacks!

#1 Watch Out!

And the modern day fashion designers keep the loop as a symbol of tribute to the old age fashions. Fashion never walks out of style!!

Since, back in those times people refrain themselves from causing wrinkles to their shirts, they have the loops. But today, we have got ironing facility almost everywhere we go. However, there are certain tricks to iron your shirt properly to keep them from getting wrinkles. Have a look at some easy and quick iron tips from the professional's experience!

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