People Think 'Elvis Preslay' Is Still ALIVE And He's Been Spotted In Graceland.

This CAN'T Be Real !

#3 The King Hasn't Ceased To Exist.

#3 The King Hasn't Ceased To Exist.

Elvis Presley, King of Rock and Roll from the 20th century was declared dead on 16th August 1977 due to prescribed drug overdose. He was merely 42. But here's something even more unanticipated, the King is believed to be still alive and was captured fit and fine at Graceland.

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#2 And He Gives A Naive Reaction.

#2 And He Gives A Naive Reaction.

Elvis, who would be 81 by now, was traced gardening in his former home. Though his existence hasn't been validated totally but this look-alike king is spinning every head since the first video that went viral on YouTube. He pretends to neglect the camera and walks by with a much cooler attitude.

There's more to this..Read ahead to see the entire video

#1 Word To Wise.

As this man walked passed, he raised his hand showing off a Victory Sign, denoting that he is in fine fettle.

Give an eye to the video below to witness it yourself..

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