People Born With Observable Human Characteristics That Are Simply Extraordinary.

We are all unique. Even though we share some characteristics with our peers and our family members, every one of us has a unique combination of traits.Everybody is special in their own way, some may have unique personality traits that they have acquired over time, some may have learned to master reflexes that actually have made them super cool. Some traits are controlled by genes that pass from parent to child. Others are acquired through learning. But most are influenced by a combination of genes and environmental factors. Below are some examples of variable traits that are easy to observe.

He looks simply beautiful with these magical galaxy deep eyes.

She chose to put googly eyes on as she was born with no nail on her left index finger.

She has a different and beautiful looking eyes just like a beautiful flower.

Born with thumbs from both his parents,weird facts he was born with.

His face is covered with freckles only on one side.

He was born with some disorders and that made him deaf by one ear and also turned his hair turn grey, and given his eyes different colors.

He was born with elf ears.

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