Never Ever Park Your Car In Front Of A Fire Hydrant. THIS Is What Happens.

This'll definitely make you think twice before blocking a hydrant.

#3 Look Out When You Park Your Car.

#3 Look Out When You Park Your Car.

Emergency may hit at any moment, it would knock your door and warn you to beware. All we can do is keep ourselves safe by upgrading the safety measures at our finger tips, like they say, 'precaution is better than cure.' One such incident broke at the City of Merced Fire Department of California in 2013. The news of the accident went viral recently, not because the incident was a massive one but because the steps taken by the officers should be kept in mind the next time you go out with your car.

#2 The Break Through.

#2 The Break Through.

Fire broke out at a business nearby, many life's were at stake but what was more troubling was when an absent minded driver who'd parked his/her car in such a way that it blocked the way for fire hydrant. The fire workers had no other option than to break the front windows of the car. Don Long, Deputy Chief of the department stood there in shock, hard to engulf what just happened but then the driver had left no other ways than to take this steps by the rescuers.

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#1 From The Officer's Desk!

Don had clarified at the CNN regarding this incident by saying, “He just took his hydrant wrench and took out the driver’s side, walked over took out the passenger side."

Handling the hose isn't an easy job, one minor fault and it can shut down the water supply to the most. It wasn't the first time such incident took place where fireman had to take such hosing steps. Watch the video below.

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