Mom's Quick Beach Photo Goes Viral For The Most AMAZING Reason

When Ayanna Toye Barrows took her daughter to Myrtle Beach earlier this week, she had no idea their little adventure would soon turn into a viral sensation. As she explains on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Barrows and her daughter were taking a walk along Myrtle Beach on Tuesday which led to following!

# 3How do we define ourselves?

# 3How do we define ourselves?

How do we define ourselves? Most of us define ourselves by our nationality, caste, colour and this is how we draw a line that differentiate people and create tension.

What if there was a world where humans were defined only for humanity and colour, nationality, caste didn't matter. Well if you say that this is possible only in Blake's Songs of Innocence,wait till you read further.

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>> Mom's Quick Beach Photo Goes Viral For The Most AMAZING Reason
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