Mom Finds Miracle Treatment For Son's Excruciating Eczema On Facebook

It was heartbreaking. Doctors didn't believe mother Debbie Maddalena-Saunders when she said her 6-year-old son, Tyler, was in excruciating pain. The young child could hardly function. He would spend his days crying out in discomfort. His skin began to break out in rashes when he was merely 8 months



Hearing your kid cry is the most painful experience for any mother and Debbie Madalena Saunders had to bear the pain of hearing her son cry out in pain for years. It’s not that she didn’t tried to solve his problem but all her efforts proved to be vain none of the doctors were of any help to relieve the pain of her son.

#2 Doctors couldn't relieve the child!

#2 Doctors couldn't relieve the child!

Debbie’s son who was suffering from eczema and had sores in his body which was not only painful for him but also made him a centre of ridicule among his friends , many people who saw him gave their advice out of care but it was of no use.

Then, what she did to bring relief to her soon will surprise you! Read ahead to find out!

#1 Social Media put to good use!

Then one day Debbie saw an ad on Facebook about a cream made by a doctor in South Africa so she gave a last ditch attempt in a hope that her son will be cured. Although she was sceptical she tried it and the miraculous result was that the sores were gone and the pain also subsided. Now he could finally live the life he deserves and longed for.

Watch the child in the video below!

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