Mom Discovers Babysitter In Tub With Little Girl And The Internet Is Loving The Reasons Why

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A few days ago we shared the story of a cruel babysitter who burnt the baby's feet thereby resulting in big painful blisters. When you leave your child with a babysitter, you got to be really careful. But this story will give you a chance to think in a different manner

Losing someone can really get to you. It’s just human to feel angry and sad. It becomes a very emotional time for the family and friends.

Three-year-old Alidy lost her father in a gruesome car accident.He passed away after a tragic head-on collision on a Florida freeway. He left behind his wife Jenna and their 3-year-old daughter, who had a difficult time dealing with the loss.

Before the incident, her dad would always call her as his little princess. Ever since she’s been dressing up in princes' costumes daily.This was one of the ways she coped with her father’s death. Adily’s therapist calls it ‘coping with costumes’. Her mum says that everyday Adily puts on a costume and says ‘I’m your little princess, daddy’

Alidy’s love for princesses and dressing up as them gave her babysitter an idea that not only had the little girl shooting with happiness but also captured many hearts on the Internet. Read on to know what she did

Alidy’s favourite costume is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She also owns a collection of mermaid dolls. Her 15-year-old babysitter, Keegan Carnahan decided to surprise her.

Go ahead and see what she did for her

When Adily was going for a bath, Keegan dressed up as the mermaid with her set of fins and sit beside her in the bathtub. Alidy got so excited to see her mermaid friend and Keegan captured this moment and shared it on the social media.

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