Just Keep Staring At This Dot And Something Awesome Will Happen!

Wow! Epic!

#3 The Human Mind

#3 The Human Mind

This world might have a ton of mysteries that no one can understand or make sense off. Some things people say some things are better left as they are. Because when you try to explain them, you realize you have nothing to explain. Things are that way just because they are that way.

And in this world, there is no greater mystery than the human mind.

#2 Illusions

#2 Illusions

While most think that the optical illusions are something that is used to trick you but that's not the case. The optical illusions are not tricking you but rather using the predictability of the human mind to give desired results.

Like this one above! You know the picture above is not moving, yet when you look at it, it moves.

Here's one such experiment that will blow your mind! And isn't like any other trick you have seen.

#1 Epic!

Are you ready for this?! Watch the video and see something you never knew your mind was capable off! Truly amazing! Just follow the instructions in the video.

According to Metro, the illusion occurs because staring at the false color desensitizes the cone cells responsible for color, so when the black-and-white image returns, the cells need time to readjust, causing the castle to appear in full color.

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