It Looks Like A Normal Cat, But If You Take A Closer Look, This Is A Miracle

Extremely wow!

I have always been an animal lover and therefore I have an extreme fondness for all the animals, but cats, among them, have a more special place in my heart! They are utterly lovely beings who are fiercely independent. There's absolutely nothing they can't do without you!

Here's Oscar, the black furry cat who's absolutely beautiful. You will just fall in love with him upon the first appearance. Though he looks pretty much normal, but he isn't that normal cat!

Oscar met with an accident in which his back legs were cut off by a combine harvester on a field. He has definitely suffered a lot then but then, a miracle happened

Keep reading to know what happened next and do watch the video of the beautiful cat in the end.

After the accident, Oscar was lucky enough to get surgery which intended to make him walk again. Vets really did an amazing job out there to make him able to walk with the artificial paws.

They captured his first attempt at walking after the surgery and it's miraculous! Definitely worth a watch. Go ahead and check out the video!

Here's the entire video! It is one of those videos that make you cry and smile at the same time.

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