Imagine What You’ll Get For One US Dollar In Different Countries.

If money wasn't an issue, we'd be traveling non-stop. But all those life-changing meals and outdoor adventures can add up to a painful hit to your wallet. While we can't offer you many destinations that will wine and dine you for free, there are places where your greenbacks will go just a little further. And while the U.S. dollar won't get you quite as much as it did in certain parts of the world even just six months ago, we are just got a bunch of countries to compare what you can buy for a dollar

One can of Tuna is what you’ll get in Egypt for a dollar.

You can get 10 delicious vegetable dumplings at a food stand in Shanghai.

In France, you can get a delicious Baguette for a dollar.

India is known for its love for tea, you can get six cups of tea, and not only this you can even have a full meal for a dollar, here.

You can get two big McDonald’s Cheeseburgers with accompaniments, this happens only in Africa !

For a dollar in Hong Kong, you get a loaf of plain sliced bread.

You can get 10 pancakes in a supermarket in the Netherlands pretty cool ha!

In Hungary, you can buy a whole bottle of wine.

In Vietnam, you can have a delicious bowl of pho, that sounds awesome!

An Italian cafe can give you an Espresso or a cappuccino.

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