If you're away from home for travel or emergency, place a coin in the mug of ice in your freezer. Here's why

Precaution is indeed better than cure!

#3 Unpredictable Emergencies

#3 Unpredictable Emergencies

Life is indeed unpredictable and so are emergencies, but if you have knowledge of some of the great hacks, you can fight off the situations really well!

Sometimes, you need to rush off from your home due to emergencies or even when you're going on some travel tour, a couple of things should to be done to ensure that your home is completely secured!

Here, we will tell you about a great hack!

#2 Coin In A Mug Of Ice

#2 Coin In A Mug Of Ice

All you have to do is to place a coin on the top of the freeze up water and freeze it further to solidly the coin! It is really a great tip to know about the food in the fridge!

Want to know what it does? Well, go ahead, we'll unveiled the mystery ahead! Make sure you do that every time you go out! It is really important to know of a certain things to be vigilant!

#1 The Condition of the Fridge

#1 The Condition of the Fridge

Well, this will give you the complete knowledge of the food you left in the fridge. How?

Well, if you return to find that the frozen water has melted and the coin has fallen to the bottom of the cup, you now know that all the food has defrosted and it should be thrown out immediately. However, if the coin is either on the top of the frozen cup or in the middle of the cup, then your food may still be fine.

So, the top tells you that the freezer was working the whole time – the middle tells you that your food might have defrosted a little, but later it refrosted when electricity returned!

The tip really goes handy to check the condition of the food when you return!

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