If The Latest iPhone 8 Rumors Are True, Samsung Should Be Worried

Apple seems poised to catch up to Samsung this year.

As long as the technology is concerned, nothing is permanent here. One second you are seeing the latest mobile to be launched and the other second it gets outdated with another new launch of its rival. And this is exactly what tech giant Apple and Samsung are going through past these years. Either of them is striving to bring new and relaunch their signature brands in order to stay ahead of each other. But who actually won this race? Read more to find the winner

Witnessing a huge debacle in the year 2016 with its signature mobile handset GALAXY S7 and S7 EDGE, Samsung was predicted to vanish off from the market very soon. But the truth is, Samsung is all set to relaunch itself with a strong foothold in the mobile industry unveiling its latest Galaxy Series. Click next to see what's special about this new launch

If all it is true, Samsung is ready to bring Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the market very soon. It features a curved screen covering over 80% of the front and includes many other features that are expected to be similar to as that of the next iPhone. Now this gets interesting, it would worth wait and watch, who actually gets fame.

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